Mario Associates


Quality is a key ingredient in all we strive for. Quality coordination in engineering is the main focus of our efforts to ensure quality management and control throughout all our work. The hub of our engineering quality advancement efforts are the partners of the Practice who lead by experience as an example to the remainder of the staff.

The partners are an elite group of highly qualified and experienced professionals, each having a long history of substantial engineering contributions on a variety of projects. The partners ensure that the Practice maintains the highest degree of engineering knowledge, and to channel this into the design and quality control of all projects.

All of our jobs are peer checked & reviewed before they are released.  

As part of our progression towards quality enhancement, the partners are responsible for developing design concepts, conducting document checking and peer reviews, in addition to the overall project engineering.

Quality, without education and dissemination of the same across the Practice, cannot be maintained. The partners are committed to attend state-of-the-art industry & ASHRAE sponsored seminars in UAE, Europe and in the USA (with ASHRAE expositions). It is incumbent on the partners to provide in-house engineering seminars, conveying the information they have gathered and learnt to all engineering staff. Through this program of continual education and sharing of information, the Practice maintains state-of-the-art knowledge about products, processes, codes, standards and practices of the industry.

Our Quality Assurance program enables the Practice to continually improve our engineering design and we hope to become a leader in the industry. This will assure our clients of innovative and cost effective designs on a repeat basis.